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Аuthors: S. A. Semenchuk

Pages: 863–873



Introduction. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the important causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality globally, giving rise to more than 7 million deaths annually. In Ukraine, the number of patients increased by 60 332 person only in 2014.

Of the total cost of CVD in Europe, around 53 % (€ 111 billion) is due to health care costs, 26 % (€ 54 billion) to productivity losses and 21 % (€ 45 billion) to the informal care of people with CVD.

Evidence supports an association between CAD trends with major cardiovascular risk factors. Despite the rapid development of medical educational institutions on healthy lifestyle, the main reasons for the growth of cardiac pathology in Ukraine and abroad are modifiable factors of CVD, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, abnormal lipids, tobacco use, and physical inactivity.

Comorbidity of chronic liver disease with cardiovascular diseases might be of particular interest to the study of cardiac problems. In this case the pathogenic mechanisms could be started and progress the condition of each disease.

The key links of the pathogenesis of these diseases are atherogenic dyslipidemia, chronic systemic inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and hemodynamic disturbances.

The most common form of chronic liver diseases is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: its prevalence in different populations reaches 33 %, including among patients with obesity – 90 % of diabetes mellitus 2 type – 60–70 % with metabolic syndrome.

The findings of a literature review noticed the importance of assessing hepato-cardiac risk in patients with comorbidity CAD and liver pathology and optimization of drug therapy that will improve the course and prognosis of each disease.

Purpose. Summarize the data of the modern literature views on issue of risk factors in cardiovascular disease.

Keywords: coronary artery disease, comorbidity, risk factors, atherogenic dyslipidemia, endothelial dysfunction.

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