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Authors: GrabovyyS. L., DyachenkoA. G., ButenkoV. N., DyachenkoP. A.

Pages: 85 - 91



              Epidemic of HIV-infection began in Sumy region in 1996. Rapid growth of morbidity appeared in the early ХХI century, so it raised up to 18,5 cases per 100 thousand population in 2010. Nowadays certain stabilization is pointed like, 14,7 cases per 100 thousand population with the growth rate -12,7% in 2012. The widest HIV-infection prevalence is observed in Shostka, Romesky and Krolovetsky districts. This is cased by the high traffic network of these districts and closeness to deprived territories of the other regions. If majority of the infected was male in the epidemic beginning, so nowadays number of the new infected by gender is roughly equal. The number of children and persons of ripe years have dramatically increased (up to 27% and 31% respectively). During ten years HIV-infection transferred from infected drug addicts to general human population and these have cardinally turned the viral transmission of sexual and parenteral routes (51,8% and 18,2% respectively in 2012). The problem may occur because of the unregistered HIV-carriers accumulation.

         Key words: HIV-infection/AIDS, mortality, HIV-infected, monitoring, structure and causes of AIDS mortality.

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