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Authors: Savchenko O. V.

Pages: 271-276


Considering the availability of connection between Bcl1 polymorphism of glucocorticoids receptor (GR) and development of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and absence of such data in Ukraine, the purpose of our investigation was the comparative studying genotype’s frequency by Bcl1 polymorphism of glucocorticoids receptor in among common population and in patients with RA.

Materials and methods of investigation.

161 patients with RA in ages above 40 and 96 almost healthy humans had been investigated. During work process used conventional investigations for diagnosis. Bcl1 (rs41423247) polymorphism of 2nd exon has been determined by the method of polymerase chain reaction with following analyze of the length of restriction fragments by Fleury al with modifications (2003).

Results of investigation. Detected, that most spread is C allele. Among patients with RA more often meet homozygotes by G allele comparing with control group, what is statistically significant by χ2 Pirson’s criteria (p=0,03). Homozygotes by G allele have the risk of RA development in 2,7 times higher that homozygotes by C allele (p=0,01). Therefore, this investigation proved that genotype G/G by Bcl1 polymorphism of GR gene contributes to RA development.

Conclusion. Determined, that among patients with RA probably more often meet G/G genotype comparing with control group, and the risk of RA development in homozygotes by minor allele G in 2,7 times higher that homozygotes by C allele. Thereby, the investigation of genotype by Bcl1 polymorphism of GR gene is prospectively concerning of the risk oh RA occurrence in common population.

Key words: rheumatoid arthritis, Bcl1 polymorphism, glucocorticoids receptor.

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