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Authors: Chumak Yu.Yu

Pages: 127-131



Introduction. Polymorbidity is a burning issue of modern medicine. It is presented as a combination of bronchial asthma (BA) with chronic non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The determining pathogenetic factor for both diseases is inflammation, which is implemented with many cells and mediators. One of these mediators is products of arachidonic acid metabolism thromboxane, which biological role is to strengthen the platelet aggregation. Activation of platelet adhesion and aggregation promotes microrheological violations.

Ouraimwas to examine the contents of thromboxane В2 (TхВ2) and the state of platelet aggregation in patients with a combination of BA and NASH.

Material and methods. We examined 68 patients (the mean age (34.5 ± 3.2) years) with moderately severe BA. In 35 patients with ВА diagnosed NASH. The control group consisted of 29 apparently healthy persons in the same age range.

Results and discussion. TxB2 content in the blood serum of patients with BA was (1403.7 ± 516.2) pg/ml and 6 times (p <0.001) higher than its value in healthy. In BA patients with NASH the concentration was TxB2 (3263.7 ± 347.3) pg/ml, which was higher than in healthy (233.6 ± 37.4) pg/ml and was almost 13.4(P < 0.001) and 1.9 times (p <0.01) higher than that in BA without NASH. TxB2 concentration in the urine of patients in both groups during the exacerbation of BA did not differ significantly and amounted respectively (426.7 ± 16.8) pg/ml and (407.9 ± 16.8) pg/ml; in healthy individuals (86.9 ± 5.2) pg /ml. Thus, in patients with a combination of BA and NASH was dramatic increase in TxB2 compared with patients with BA without NASH that would foster mutual burdening syndrome and require more therapeutic efforts.

Conclusions:Patients with BA and BA combined with NASH had the increase in the concentration of TxВ2 as increasing its excretion in the urine, compared with healthy individuals. TxB2 content in patients with a combination of BA and NASH was 3.0 times higher than that in patients with BA without NASH.In patients with BA combined with NASH was an increase in platelet aggregation; in patients with acute exacerbation BA indicators platelet aggregation were multidirectional.

Further research will focus on the definition of directions for rational TxB2 content correction and influence of conventional therapy on patients with moderately severe BA combined with NASH.

Key words: bronchial asthma, non-alcoholic steatogepatitis, tromboxan B2.

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